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Tutoring and guidance


One of the strengths of the PPLE Bachelor is its student-guidance system. PPLE students spend a lot of time with their tutorial groups, debating and discussing issues from lectures and activities.

PPLE Tutors

Tutors and tutorials

Since PPLE offers a wide range of courses designed to expand your intellectual horizons, your personal tutor is your first point of contact for questions and discussions about your study plans and choice of courses. The tutors are PPLE faculty members who will  track your overall development as a student and guide your academic and intellectual growth. Your tutor will support you in academic matters and will help you to fulfil your potential as a student. You will have at least four individual meetings with your tutor per year, but you will also meet your tutor in weekly tutorials.

The tutorials are all about exchanging ideas. Whether discussing solutions to problems posed in lectures,  reviewing essays based on readings, or giving presentations on research results, you will need to present and defend your opinions, accept constructive criticism and listen to others. Tutorials develop your ability to think for yourself, an invaluable skill for academic success and an indispensable skill for future decision-makers.

Student guidance

Throughout the programme, you are assigned both a personal tutor and student counsellor. With your tutor, you discuss academic achievements and career plans. Your tutor may first help you choose a specialisation or electives and later an internship or Master’s programme. The student counsellor advises on practical matters like transferring credits, applying for scholarships or finding housing. Students with disabilities or study problems can address them with tutors, who can make necessary referrals to other university staff.

Career advisor

PPLE Career advisor Heather Kurzbauer helps students with information, workshops and individual vocational counselling.

mr. drs. H. (Heather) Kurzbauer

PPLE Career advisor