Vincent is going to a summer course in China

Global Short Term programme

25 April 2016

First-year PPLE student Vincent Stoop was selected to attend a summer course offered by the University of Nottingham - in China.

'I was looking for something extra to do this summer when I saw an announcement for summer courses. There were many programmes to choose from, but I think this one perfectly fits what we have been studying. It is called "Understanding the Rise of China" and is organized by the University of Nottingham, but held in the city of Ningbo, PRC. We will be attending lectures, meeting CEO's from companies who have contributed to the rise of China, and taking trips to important hubs like Shanghai and Guangzhou. To my mind, it is what we learn at PPLE, applied to China.'

'The University of Amsterdam will pay for the course and my accommodation at the beautiful new campus in Ningbo. The Global Short Term programme this summer course belongs to offers many programmes to choose from within the worldwide network of partner universities (U21). The University of Amsterdam selects who can go. I met the conditions and was lucky enough to be selected.'

'A tip for those who want to apply next year. When I applied I needed to fill in a form and send my cv and a motivation letter. Many people write their motivation letters about how much they would like to go to the destination where the programme is held, but it is more important to emphasise how the course is good for you academically. I will not be getting credits for this course (second-year students taking a four-week course may get study credits), but I do believe it will be a helpful background to my studies.'

Published by  PPLE