A Few First Years’ First Few Days

8 September 2016

What are the first few days at PPLE College like? A few first year students tell us how they have experienced their first days.

Fabian Nieuwkoop Rodriguez, Costa Rica

“Find a balance between freedom to explore and discipline to study”

The transition from my high school back home to studying PPLE at the UvA is challenging. You need to manage all these new skills while simultaneously being introduced to ‘real life’ where you need to work hard. Before starting this year, though, I first followed the PPLE foundation year. This was a good way to prepare and get up to the right level necessary for starting your studies. Especially the economics classes were valuable for me. It was also useful to already get to know some people since I didn’t get to join Intreeweek.

My first day at PPLE definitely was a new experience. You’re suddenly part of this large group of like-minded people. This was fun as there were plenty of social opportunities to talk to students with whom you share interests, but it was also a bit exhausting. I chose PPLE because it’s interdisciplinary, and all the disciplines interest me. I was amazed by the high quality of the politics lectures, which we had a first class of in ‘Politics, Power and Governance I’. I am excited to hear more from the other subjects as well, but law and politics are my favourites so far.

I also feel really welcome in Amsterdam. You can really be yourself here. It’s homely and peaceful. I feel safe everywhere and at all times of day, and everything is in your reach.

Alice Bisio, Italy

“Remember to be yourself and believe in what you’re good at”

My first day studying PPLE was intense because the setting was new to me. Being introduced to so many things at once was quite overwhelming but also exciting and stimulating, as I met lots of nice people. I am excited to be introduced to all of the subjects. I find economics rather hard, but the courses so far seem really interesting. I appreciate that PPLE lets you get acquainted with all four disciplines first, before you choose your specialization.

I really love Amsterdam as well. I have been living here for a year now. It is so lively. Most people just moved here, so that can be scary but fortunately we are all in the same situation together. I did Intreeweek just now, which was super fun. We tried to do as much as possible: cycling around everywhere, meeting new people and seeing new places.

I also did a foundation year, which I thought was especially helpful to practice with writing in English. It also increases your general knowledge, which is very useful before starting your university studies. Because of the foundation year, I found my introduction into to the course to be very smooth. PPLE is structured yet helpful, comfortable and welcoming. You feel like you ended up in the right place.

Floris van Dijk, France

“Studying doesn’t only mean studying, it also means living the student life”

My first day at PPLE was manageable as the courses just started off with an introduction. I really enjoy economics, because it is such an exact and defined discipline. It seems like a good major to centre the other subjects around, as a useful addition. I do think all disciplines are fascinating of course, and PPLE has a lot to offer.

The move here has been comfortable. Coming to PPLE after having studied in France was exciting, yet it felt natural. I am confident that I am well prepared for the programme. The city is really nice as well. Amsterdam does not feel as anonymous and vast as other European capitals. It is cosier, more like a town.

I would also really recommend the Intreeweek as you get to know other students before the course actually starts. Everyone is also really open to new experiences, which creates a great atmosphere. It is a great introduction to the student life before actually starting to study.

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