New: 'Civiel Effect' Pre-Master for Dutch Law Masters

9 February 2017

PPLE is happy to announce that students with a law major can now take a Pre-Master before going on to Dutch law Master's (LLM) to obtain 'civiel effect'.

What is civiel effect?

With 'civiel effect' you have the right to start training to become a practicing lawyer, a public prosecutor or a judge in the Netherlands (nationality requirements apply to become a public prosecutor or judge).

To obtain civiel effect in the Netherlands you need to have taken a certain number of courses in Dutch law, during both your Bachelor's and your Master's. The law major within the PPLE programme offers courses in international, comparative and European law, but not specifically in Dutch law. As a consequence, if you wish to obtain civiel effect and continue your studies with a Master's in Dutch law, you will have to take extra courses in Dutch law.

The Civiel Effect Pre-Master

PPLE is happy to announce a one-year Pre-Master's programme in law, with civiel effect for students who have successfully completed PPLE with a major in law and who would like to study a Dutch law master's following their Bachelor's. After successful completion of this Dutch-taught Pre-Master's programme, students are eligible to apply to several Law Master's (LLM) programmes, including Arbeidsrecht, Privaatrecht, and Publiekrecht.

English-taught Law Masters without Pre-Master

PPLE graduates with a major in Law are admissible without Pre-Master's Programme to a number of English-taught Master's programmes at the Amsterdam Law School. They can apply directly to the programmes in:

  • European Private Law
  • International and European Law: European Union Law
  • International and European Law: European Competition Law and Regulation
  • International and European Law: Public International Law
  • International and European Law: International Trade and Investment Law

Published by  PPLE