Major market helps students choose their specialization

29 March 2017

In the beginning of March, PPLE College organized a 'major market' for first-year PPLE students, who will need to choose a major for the next two years of their studies.

Many PPLE students have made the choice for this interdisciplinary programme because of their wide range of interests; choosing a specialization is therefore difficult for them. Most often they are undecided between two disciplines, e.g. law and politics. At the annual major market they are given ample opportunity to discuss their choice with tutors, mentors, student counsellors and a career counsellor.

The first year is filled with interdisciplinary courses, familiarizing students with the four main disciplines within PPLE: Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics. Next to the courses in their major programme, students will continue to have interdisciplinary courses in the second and third year, so they will still gain knowledge of the other three disciplines as well.

Last year, most first-year students chose to specialize in Politics. Two years ago the majority opted to major in Law.

Published by  PPLE