PPLE students start crowd-sourced political party

10 May 2017

From 10-16 May 2017, elections are held for the student councils at the University of Amsterdam. PPLE College welcomes a fresh new addition to the political landscape: Inter, a party that aims to better represent international and interdisciplinary students, as well as create more interaction between students and the student council.

Inter was started by PPLE students earlier this year and crowdsources its policies through its Facebook community. When Inter was born, the founders had an idea for a new kind of student democracy - a democracy which closes the gap between decision makers and the student community; which is open, transparent, and fully democratic; and which better represents the interests of interdisciplinary, international students.

At the University of Amsterdam (UvA) more generally, Inter strives for more democracy & transparency, sustainability, and more academic freedom. Inter hopes to further integrate in the political landscape of the UvA and to grow its active member base, to give every student the opportunity to voice their ambitions, remarks and concerns.

Published by  PPLE