Student performances show how gender works in society

11 July 2017

On 30 June, second-year students in the Gender and Performance tutorial group gave their final performances in and around the PPLE building.

The Gender and Performance tutorial group is part of the second-year course 'Integrative Seminar IV' on Societal Challenges. Throughout the course students study a societal challenge while actively engaging with the field.

Performances by Anesu and Max

Performances by Anesu Nyabadza and Max van der Breggen

In this case, students studied sociological, political and poststructuralist perspectives on gender to understand how gender works as a structuring principle in contemporary society and within our everyday lives. In weekly practical sessions students did theatrical exercises to see how people present their gendered selves through bodily gestures, sounds and positions.

Performance by Sofia Rivas

Performance by Sofia Rivas

The final project was an actual performance, that took place on 30 June.

Visitors to final performances

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