Entry requirements

PPLE College

Applicants must self-report and submit all test scores without delay. We strongly recommend applicants take the required tests well in advance of the final submission deadline in July. Please allow sufficient time for official scores to arrive by this deadline.

1. Do you have the right diploma?

You are eligible to apply if:  

  • you hold a diploma from Dutch university preparatory education (VWO), combined with mathematics A, B, or D (final grade 6.0 or higher) and English, or  
  • your preparatory education is equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma, with mathematics (and English for non-native speakers) included in the final examination.

Please note that you must have completed your preparatory education before enrolling in the PPLE programme.

2. Grade point average

Do your grades reflect that you will be able to maintain a good to excellent study level? We currently maintain that a grade point average equivalent to 7.0 in the Dutch VWO system is a minimum requirement.

Please note that if we receive a lot of good applications, we will only select candidates with a higher grade point average. This entails that the current 7.0 minimum may be raised if we receive a large quantity of outstanding applications.

3. Mathematics requirements

Several PPLE courses require advanced math skills. Therefore, proficiency in math is an important entry requirement for PPLE. This requirement needs to be met by July.

  • Applicants holding a diploma from a Dutch VWO school in one of the four profiles, combined with mathematics A, B or D (final grade 6.0 or higher), meet the math requirement. 
  • The preparatory education of applicants holding a foreign diploma must be equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma, with a pass grade for mathematics on the final examination.

If you are not studying maths or you are not sure that you will get a sufficient grade, you will need to show sufficient results from a recognised test centre well before your intended starting date. Any offer of acceptance will be conditional, pending the test results.

4. English language proficiency

All PPLE courses are taught in academic English. That is why we require evidence of English language proficiency from non-native speakers of English. If you do not (yet) meet the requirements, any offer of acceptance will be conditional upon your meeting the test requirement before July.

  • If (and only if) you have obtained your English-taught secondary school diploma in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America, you are considered to be a native English speaker.
  • All other students are required to submit an English test score that meets the requirements specified here.

Don't meet the requirements? Undergraduate foundation programme

Non EU/EEA applicants that don't meet one of the entry requirements can refer to the undergraduate foundation programme.

Published by  PPLE

7 December 2016