Lecture pavilion at Roeterseiland

16 August 2017

Work on the Roeterseiland Campus is currently in full flow as the finishing touches are being made to Building A. There is a possibility that the large circular lecture hall in Building A, with a seating capacity of 450, may not be ready in time for the start of the new academic year. Alternative temporary accommodation for the activities planned in this hall has been arranged in the form of a semi-permanent pavilion on the campus grounds.

On Tuesday 15 August a start has been made on the erection of this temporary pavilion on extra pontoons in the canal. The pavilion has a floor area of 550 m2 and can seat 450 people. Tiered seating will be installed to make the pavilion suitable for teaching. The pavilion will also have WiFi, audio-video and climate control, and a safety plan has been drawn up.

The first users of the pavilion will be the students taking part in the introductory lecture programme during the Introduction Week. It is anticipated that the pavilion will be in use for a few weeks, until the large lecture hall is ready.

Impression college pavilion

Impression 2: Lecture pavilion at Roeterseiland

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