Heads of Studies

  • Irena Rosenthal

    Law: Dr Irena Rosenthal

    Irena Rosenthal coordinates the Law major within the PPLE programme and teaches the Integration seminar on Human Rights.

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  • Frenk van Harreveld

    Psychology: Dr Frenk van Harreveld

    Frenk van Harreveld coordinates the Psychology major and teaches Decision Making I and II. 'It is incredible, because we started with the smallest, faintest idea that grew out to be this very big, successful and self-running platform.'

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  • Theresa Kuhn

    Politics: Dr Theresa Kuhn

    Dr Theresa Kuhn coordinates the Politics major. 'I see a little bit of myself in the student population – international and interdisciplinary, diverse and open to many subjects and disciplines.'

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  • Dirk Veestraeten

    Economics: Dr Dirk Veestraeten

    Dr Dirk Veestraeten coordinates the Economics major.

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