PPLE student Caroline Spanaus

PPLE Class of 2017

'My motivation for choosing PPLE is a desire to expand my all-round education to a great extent and to really understand in depth how the four different disciplines are correlating with each other.'

Caroline Spanaus

'I had the strong feeling that knowing only one of these disciplines would not get me where I see myself in the future: a strong person, who has found his passion in either one of the four disciplines and yet has an open mindset and is well-educated.'

T-shaped graduates

'At the opening ceremony of the Talent Development Programme, we listened to the speech of Martijn Snoep, partner at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, an international law firm. He used a metaphor to describe us at the end of our Bachelor's degree by referring to PPLE-graduates as T-shaped academic graduates. To my mind this is a great visualization of my expectations: we will have attained a solid and in-depth knowledge in our specialization (chosen after the first year) and a basic and complementary education in the three other disciplines. This way we will have achieved the ability to stand stable and yet act self-confidently and diplomatically when engaging in decisions that have to be made in our globalized society, where nothing is just “black and white” anymore and disciplines intermingle.'

Small scale and intimate

'The course is run on a small scale. We all have our lectures together (usually in the mornings), but the tutorials and workshops are held in groups with under 20 students. We are studying in an intimate learning environment, which means that we have our own private studying facilities including a study centre with computers at our disposal, group-meeting rooms, a student desk, classrooms and a kitchen. This offers the opportunity to get away from a big and hectic university building. Yet the PPLE building is located at the Roeterseilandcampus (centre of Amsterdam) which comes with a library, student restaurant and cafés, water to relax by and a centre to engage in all kinds of creative activities (e.g. theatre, dance or making music).'

Motivated students

'I would advise you to study PPLE if you are interested in the complex issues of our century and like to work in a demanding environment with highly motivated students. You have to be committed to the programme, as it is time-consuming and complex.

I believe that  PPLE is a unique program that gives you the chance to be challenged interdisciplinary, deal with fascinating themes in-depth, meet interesting people and develop your talents in an individual way.'

Published by  PPLE

16 February 2016