PPLE student Liran Naaman

Class of 2018

First-year student Liran Naaman was on the PPLE webinar we held on 25 November 2015. Who is he and why did he choose to study PPLE?

Liran Naaman

'Two years ago, after my military service ended, I travelled to Europe and looked into English-taught programmes. I found a programme that I really liked: PPLE. But the application deadline had just passed, I was too late, so I went back to Israel. I then worked for a year as an educator for students from the US who came to Israel for a gap year. I was in charge of their well-being and informal education and I organized trips for them - basically I was there to make sure they had fun.

The combination of these subjects

I didn't forget about PPLE, though, so after one year I did apply. I got in! I especially like the combination of these four subjects. I've learned in life that you can never truly understand a situation from one point of view only. These four perspectives - politics, psychology, law and economics - are so clearly related. If you want to solve a problem using political means, you cannot overlook economic consequences or the legal basis, and you need to understand the persons who are making the decisions.

Classes can be applied right away

The classes I've had so far are introductions to the majors we will study later. Even so, courses like Politics, Power and Governance, and Law, Justice and Morality can also help you understand fundamental things in life, and what we learn in these classes can be applied right away. For example, I've learned a lot about how a government might make you think in a certain way about certain topics. The course in Rhetoric has more practical relevance than you might think as well: the words people use show how they think, which is something I'm increasingly aware of.

You will have to like reading

I would advise students who are considering to apply for PPLE and who are not native speakers, to start reading and writing in English. You will have to like reading a lot. I think novels like Catch 22, 1984 and Brave New World are absolutely relevant; once you start studying PPLE you will see how these intertwine. I'd encourage upcoming students to read more academic books as well. To practice listening in English, watch documentaries.

After graduation

I think I want to major in Politics, but I'm considering Psychology too. After graduating from PPLE, I want to get involved in politics, though most of my friends at PPLE are looking at Master's programmes. My aim is to become Minister of Education and then continue to become the Prime Minister of my country.'

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Published by  PPLE

16 February 2016