Meet the students

What is it like to study PPLE?

Class of 2019

Roeland Endtz

'Lots of the things we learn in PPLE can be applied to everyday situations, from watching the news, to hanging out with friends.'- Roeland Endtz

Miranda Tessore

'Although I still feel Argentinian above all, I’m open to different cultures, and enjoy coming into contact with them.' - Miranda Tessore

Class of 2018

Dina Hrastovic

'It feels great to be part of a group of smart people who are ambitious and who really want to put themselves out there to make a change.' - Dina Hrastović

PPLE student Sojung Lee

'I'm not afraid to challenge myself.' - Sojung Lee

Baktash Wali in Amsterdam

'Amsterdam is very open and liberal and everybody speaks multiple languages.' - Baktash Wali

Liran Naaman

Liran Naaman came too late to apply for PPLE in the first year, but was accepted the year after. Who is he and why did he choose to study PPLE?

Class of 2017

Caroline Spanaus

'I would advise you to study PPLE if you are interested in the complex issues of our century and like to work in a demanding environment with highly motivated students.' - Caroline Spanaus


Emma Rengers

'Being around people with so many different backgrounds and nationalities really broadens your perspective.' - Emma Rengers

PPLE student Jiří Münich

Jiří Münich wrote an essay in his first year that was published in an academic journal.

Published by  PPLE

14 June 2017