Diversity Committee

PPLE College welcomes students and staff from a variety of national backgrounds, but that is only one aspect of diversity. The Diversity Committee promotes a climate and culture that encourages social interactions to support a profound appreciation of differences within the PPLE community.

What does the Diversity Committee do?

The Diversity Committee defines diversity from a very broad perspective, which includes diversity in regard to ethnicity, socioeconomic background, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation. The committee organizes student activities and debates, and makes recommendations to PPLE College regarding diversity issues. For example, the Diversity Committee is working on the creation of a scholarship for refugee students.

UvA Diversity Commission Report

In 2016, extensive research and debates led by a university-wide group, the UvA Diversity Commission, have put diversity on everyone's agenda within the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The research has led to a number of concrete recommendations, among which the introduction of a diversity unit and a diversity officer at the university. The final report, entitled "Let's go diversity", was presented in October 2016.

Your input is very welcome

Do you want to know more, share your own experiences or put forward ideas? Feel free to contact the Diversity Committee at diversity@aimpple.nl. President of the 2016-2017 Diversity Committee is Julia Stelz.

The Diversity Committee is one of the committees within PPLE's study association AIM.

Published by  Faculty of Law

5 March 2018