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In the first year, PPLE students take a course in Rhetoric to find, examine and improve their persuasive powers in writing, speaking, presenting and collaborating. To show off what they had learned, the course ended this year with a fun afternoon on the stage of the De Balie theatre in Amsterdam.

Rhetoric presentations - music
Rhetoric presentations - Theatre

Rhetoric - the capability to persuade an audience - is an art, an art that can be taught and learned. The first-year students not only learned how to better present themselves but also to recognise and analyse the concepts and rules of rhetoric.

On the afternoon of 21 December 2016, the theatre room of debating centre De Balie was filled with a bouncy student audience eager to see what their peers would present. There were serious speeches on such topics as honest conversation, sign language and the university curriculum, but there was also 'Shakespearean' theatre, performances and music. Once again, students made PPLE College proud!

Rhetoric presentations - Theatre