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Emily Bowman

Law major from Hungary

“After high school, when I was trying to figure out where I wanted to study, I felt overwhelmed with all the options. I knew I had an interest in a variety of programmes, but I could not quite commit myself to anyof them. Then I stumbled upon PPLE whose intriguing programme name immediately caught my attention. The programme’s interdisciplinary aspect sounded very interesting to me and I was eager to understand how the four disciplines intertwine and play out in the real world.

Now, that I have been a PPLE student for over 2 years, I understand that PPLE is much more than just a fancy name. It is also the people, the tutors, the personal and engaging nature of the programme, it’s our study association AIM, it’s Amsterdam, and much more. Having our own building where we are closely located to our tutors and peers makes interaction and creative collaboration much easier. It is an environment where students can be successful and can evolve to their full potential.”