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Konstantin van Thiel

Economics Major from Germany

“When choosing my study programme, PPLE stood out to me from the beginning. The interdisciplinary nature of PPLE intrigued me as it combined my favourite subjects into one degree programme. I truly believe PPLE to be a special programme. It is not only an enjoyable programme but one that challenges me to approach issues from beyond the boundaries of a single discipline and incorporate more perspectives. It also helped me envision which direction I can see myself going in the future and exploring my passion.

I really appreciate how personal teaching is at PPLE. The small class sizes and dedicated tutors really complete the course for me. While demanding, I believe that PPLE’s classes allow me to thrive and participate in lively and exciting classes that leave me thinking and talking about the content long after. A PPLE class allows you to be engaged, communicative, as well as challenged every day.

PPLE has allowed me to explore the fields of psychology, politics, law, and economics, seeing what I enjoy and what I will pursue as a future goal. Particularly the Macroeconomic topics covered in the course ‘Economics, Markets, and Organisations’ intrigued me and led me to choose Economics as my major."