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Sexual exploration and experimentation are a vital and fun part of growing up. Sadly, unwanted sexual advances and sexual assault can sometimes become part of student life as well.

What to do when you have a negative experience in this respect? Who to turn to and where to ask for advice?

If you experience sexual harassment as a PPLE student, you can always contact your student counsellor or one of the University’s confidential advisors. Everything that you choose to share will remain confidential. However, if you need medical advice, please contact your general practitioner. Should you want to press charges, always file a report at a local police station. In addition, there is the Sexual Violence Help Centre that you can contact for guidance and support.

Marjolein Leguijt and Anouk Devens, policy workers at the Sexual Violence Help Centre, (Centrum Seksueel Geweld) would like to invite you to talk about sex and sexual assault. Sign up for the information session on Thursday, 15 February at 13:00.