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An internship can be interesting if you want to gain a first taste of the job field during your time at PPLE. With an internship, you can acquire, apply and develop your skills to prepare you even more for your future career.

The PPLE curriculum does not provide for an internship, which doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. However, similar to adding an exchange to your study plan, doing an internship requires some flexibility on your part. Most of the students who choose to do an internship at PPLE either do it during their third year but alternate their study schedule (by postponing a course for example, and with that adding an extra year), or do it during the summer holidays.

We want to give you this information not to discourage you from taking on extra things like an internship, but to make sure you know what to expect. Since the PPLE standard of teaching is very high, it can be quite challenging to combine a full study schedule with an internship placement, and we don’t want you to get overwhelmed.

Melina Hermann
Law Major Student
During the summer break in between my second and third study year, I decided to do a voluntary internship in the security sector. My tasks were primarily research-based, for which many of the skills I learned in PPLE proved to be of great use. I got to engage with many political and legal aspects of national security issues, building on and furthering my knowledge from PPLE courses. I’m sure this will also help me in my third-year courses and my thesis. The internship helped me gain a better understanding of what I want from my studies and my career as a whole. I also particularly enjoyed immersing myself in the work environment and meeting new people – potentially future colleagues.

Internship options

While it’s not uncommon for students to do an internship over the summer just to supplement their studies, it is also possible to replace one of their elective courses with an internship or get study credits for their internship. In order for the internship to be recognised as an academic activity, a number of criteria must be met, and it must be approved in advance.

Internship coördinator

PPLE has an internship coordinator - Burcu Özkan - who points out interesting internship opportunities to PPLE students, helps plan the internship in concordance with the students’ individual study plan, and supports PPLE students during their internship placement. You can get in touch with Burcu here