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Facts & Figures

You don't have to take our word for it, rather see for yourself how PPLE scores amongst our students, in our facts and figures.

Our students rate the study programme in general with 4.0 out of 5.0 points

We are quite happy with that score, but we definitely still want to do better! Therefore we try to actively listen to feedback and are always open to questions. We encourage all of our students to share their opinions on how we can improve, and start initiatives that help us grow. We regularly receive feedback through the various student initiatives, such as AIM and TDP. The same applies to the Law Faculty Student Council, which is in regular contact with our Dean about the academic programme and other aspects of student life at PPLE. 

Our students rate the programme's content with 4.0 out of 5.0 points

Through our interdisciplinary curriculum, we offer very diversified course contents and can thus cover a broad spectrum of students’ interests. Still, we are always curious to get feedback to further improve our programme's content. One important feedback loop is our Programme Committee, an advisory board responsible for monitoring the quality of education at PPLE. It consists of four lecturers and four students, representing the four majors within PPLE. They meet on a regular basis to discuss course evaluations and feedback from students and staff and develop proposals for policy changes within the programme. Moreover, they advise the Dean and the Programme Manager on all education-related matters at PPLE, such as the design of the curriculum, assessment and examinations, PPLE’s learning environment, and student support.

Our students rate the atmosphere with 4.0 out of 5.0 points

PPLE has its own building on the Roeterseiland campus where the majority of our classes take place. This is rather unique, because (teaching) staff, management and students all work and study on the same floors. This helps increase the chances of running into each other, adding to the approachability between students and staff.

At the campus, you can study for exams and do group assignments together, or simply just get together for a coffee and a game of foosball in the common room. Outside our building, the Roeterseiland campus has so much more to offer: modern study areas, a cafeteria with a changing menu of cuisines from around the globe, or the waterfront of the Nieuwe Achtergracht that runs through the campus (the best place for a sunny study break in the summer). At this building you can also find Crea, the cultural hotspot of the UvA.

So why haven’t we been granted 5/5? We realise that an atmosphere stretches further than facilities and a building. We understand that the pressure of performing can be quite stressful, and can have an impact on the atmosphere. Therefore, we try to support our students wherever we can in studying, and help them to not get overwhelmed. 

Source: Nationale Studenten Enquete (2021)