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PPLE Student Miranda Tessore

Meet the PPLE community

When Miranda was first applying for universities, she was leaning towards studying law. "When I received my results, however, I realised that I didn’t want to specialise in just one subject."

Miranda Tessore


"I enjoyed a far wider range of subjects, and wanted to pursue these interests further by studying a course that would allow me to put all of my skills to use. I decided to choose PPLE, as it allows me to do so to a far greater degree than any other course I found, while at the same time maintaining a very high academic standard."

Open to different cultures

"I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I moved to the south of Spain when I was six years old. In Spain, I went to English schools, where I became quite attached to the English culture (and developed my obsession for tea). Here I realised that although I still feel Argentinian above all, I’m open to different cultures, and enjoy coming into contact with them. What I love about the university of Amsterdam, and the PPLE programme in particular, is that it allows me to continue meeting, and learning from, people from all around the world."

"PPLE will also allow me to continue to do so in the future. The diverse, multidisciplinary background PPLE gives you allows you to be flexible, and as a result mobile between different countries. I’ve never wanted to stay in just one place, and my dream job would have me involved with both Argentina, and Europe. I love Europe, and Argentina. PPLE will allow me to get the best of both worlds; an opportunity that simply isn’t available to most people."

Living in Amsterdam

"If I had to assign one word to Amsterdam, it would be “liberating”. There’s less social pressure placed on you to act the same as everyone else. Everyone here can do their own thing, and as a result I feel more relaxed with who I am as a person."

'I also absolutely love the vintage side of Amsterdam. All the record stores, obscure old shops, and cute little restaurants, really come together in a unique way in Amsterdam. On the one hand it’s modern, everything works well and it’s as organised as a capital city should be. But at the very same time walking down its long cobblestone roads can make a night out feel like stepping back in time. It’s got that nostalgic vibe that I’m so attracted to.'

Good chances for the future

'After PPLE I’m planning to do a master’s degree. Right now I’m leaning towards International Law. I know the Netherlands is a great place for international law at master’s level, so that’s definitely an option. At the same time, I wouldn’t mind getting to know another European country, and the Netherland’s high international standing in law bachelors makes the chances of getting into a good foreign university high.'

'Another alternative is pursuing a master’s that will put me on the path of becoming an environmental lawyer. Growing up in a small city surrounded by woods, mountains, and beaches, I’m well aware of how important a clean environment is to people’s health and happiness. Environmental law is also an area with a lot of potential for growth. The world is moving towards sustainability, and I believe my generation is the one that’s really going to make this happen. I’d like to be a part of that.'

'What further helps is how great of a foundation the PPLE programme is for this career path. Sustainability can be addressed from many different fields, and all four of the PPLE components have a vital role to play in improving it.'

Never a stranger, never bored

'PPLE is an outspoken, tight knit community, which prevents you from ever feeling like a stranger in your own university. The course itself has definitely been a challenge, which is always good. The last thing you want is to be bored at university. You do have to be open to different views to yours; the course, and fellow students, will constantly make you question your beliefs and ideas about the world. If you’re the type of person who loves this, however, and you’re hardworking, and committed to what you love, then you’re a PPLE student.'