AIM events

Travel trips

  • A week-long study trip to the idyllic country of Georgia
  • A weekend-long hitchhiking competition to Berlin
  • A day trip to Cologne’s Christmas market
  • Several ‘Dutch Days’ to for example Utrecht and Leiden
  • Day getaway to traditional carnival in ‘Oeteldonk’
  • One of the most Dutch sports, ice skating
AIM carneval trip

Academic events

  • A classically-styled debate night between PPLE and AUC students
  • Debate with professors on the Maagdenhuis protest movements within the UvA
  • Hearing Syrian refugees tell their stories amidst the European ‘refugee crisis’
  • Discussions about PPLE’s future of advocating diversity within the programme
  • International Model United Nations delegations
  • Student-run and -written PPLE Magazine, Pandemic.
AIM Refugee Stories event

Cultural events

  • Themed cooking nights and barbecues
  • Contemporary exhibitions and museum visits
  • Writing circles and special film showings
  • A Noël Coward theatre play and improvisation classes
  • An all-round performance night for the abundance of talented students and staff
AIM Cooking party

Celebratory events

  • Bi-weekly ‘borrels’ (Dutch tradition of over-17 get-togethers with a beer and fried snacks)
  • Special theme borrels such as Halloween, ‘Sinterklaas’ or Ping-Pong battles
  • Start-of-the-year-parties, last year in ‘Used to be Cool’ theme
  • Dinner plus gala-style festive Winter Formals
  • A summer Boat Party with drinks and snacks


AIM Winter Formal

Community building

  • A PPLE mum-and-dad-system for the UvA Intreeweek groups
  • A fantastic Freshman Weekend to Drenthe filled with great memories
  • International alternative scheduled events for UvA’s Intreeweek
  • Small get-togethers in order for every student to find their place in PPLE
  • ‘Opening borrel’ for all students and staff as a welcome (back)
AIM Soccer Team

AIM also funds our very own football team, ‘PPLEFC’, which plays in local tournaments.

Published by  PPLE

14 April 2016