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Interdisciplinary education


Karl Popper
Sir Karl Raimund Popper (1902 – 1994) was an Austro-British philosopher and professor at the London School of Economics. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Half a century ago, the famous philosopher of science Karl Popper said:

‘We are not students of some subject matter but students of problems. And problems may cut right across the boundaries of any subject matter or discipline.'

Since that time, this statement has become even more relevant. Finding new solutions to current social challenges requires the integration of knowledge from many different sources. Healthcare, social security and regulation of financial markets are but a few examples of issues which will benefit from scholars who can cross borders between the interface of Politics, Psychology, Law, or Economics.

The Bachelor’s in PPLE offers you a combination of broad, yet integrated, knowledge and skills, as well as specialised knowledge of politics, psychology, law or economics. Exploring the interface between the disciplines challenges your know-how and stimulates you to collaborate and share knowledge with other students and lecturers. After your studies, you will be equipped to communicate with specialists from different fields and discuss issues beyond the scope of a single discipline. In PPLE, you are challenged to think across disciplinary boundaries and to work together on complex problems.