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Am I eligible to apply?

How to apply?

  • When can I apply?

    PPLE will accept applications for the September 2024 intake from 1 October 2023 until 1 February 2024. Any applications submitted after 1 February will not be considered for admission. Before you can submit an application to PPLE, you must first submit an enrolment request for PPLE in Studielink. After registration in Studielink you will be informed via email about the additional steps. Please keep an eye on on your inbox, and do not forget to check your spambox regularly as well.

    You are strongly advised to start applying as early as possible. You do not need to wait until you have completed your high school education. If applicable, test scores in English and Mathematics can be submitted later on. However, due to the competitive nature of the PPLE admissions process, it is recommended that any necessary proficiency exams be taken at a candidate’s earliest opportunity. Candidates who are already meeting or expected to meet our minimum entry requirements are given preference in the selection procedure. It is the candidate's responsibility to provide us with test scores as soon as they become available. Send an email to if your test scores have come out and you want to add these to your file.

  • Do I need to apply through Studielink?
  • What documents do I have to submit?

    Please read the following checklist carefully and make sure you upload every required document. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

    - CV

    - Personal statement

    - If high school diploma obtained:

    • Diploma
    • Official final transcript of grades

    - If high school diploma not yet obtained:

    • Official transcript of grades from your previous year
    • An official record of any grades that you have received in your final/current year

    Transcripts MUST include your name, the name of your school, the name of the diploma to be obtained, and a date. Screenshots of grade lists will not be accepted.

    In addition you may also include:

    - Transcripts of higher education (e.g. university/college transcripts)

    - Supplementary test results (if required)

    - Translations (if required)*

    * If your documents are in any other language than Dutch, English, French, or German, you must provide authorized translations by a sworn translator AND a copy of the documents in the original language. Failing to submit the both translations and original documents will result in an incomplete application.

  • Can I submit letters of recommendation?

    PPLE College does not take letters of recommendation into account, so there is no need to submit these.

  • I am meeting the minimum requirements…can I assume that I will be admitted to PPLE College?

    PPLE is a highly competitive and selective programme. Therefore, admission can NEVER be guaranteed, even for candidates who do meet the minimum requirements. We strongly advise all our applicants to apply to several different bachelor's programmes, just to keep your options open. Please note that other Bachelor’s programmes at the UvA may have different application deadlines, minimum requirements and admissions procedures than PPLE. We cannot answer admissions questions regarding any other programmes, you must contact them directly.

  • I am unable to upload a document to the application form. What is the problem?

    SIS only accepts pdf files. All other formats need to be coverted to pdf format.

  • When will my application be processed?

    After you submit an enrolment request via Studielink you will receive the subsequent emails within 24-48 hours to activate your UvA-net ID and the invitation to the application portal SIS. You need to fill out the application form and upload all required documents via SIS. Only after you submit the complete application form via SIS before the deadline of 1 February, PPLE College will receive your application and can start processing it.

    If documents are missing or if anything is unclear we will get in touch with you via email. If everything is complete and we can process your application you will be informed about the next steps of the selection procedure on the indicated dates in the key dates section on our website.

  • When can I expect to hear from PPLE regarding my application?

    We will start processing your application once we have received all required documents. 

    Please check the key dates to read when you can expect to be informed. 

Questions regarding the PPLE programme/curriculum

  • If I major in Law, can I enroll in a Master’s programme in Law after PPLE?

    Yes, it is possible to pursue a Master’s programme in Law after PPLE. We recommend looking into the requirements for the specific law Master’s programme you are interested in as the requirements can differ per country and school. There are a number of English-taught Master’s programmes in Law offered at the UvA that graduates can enroll in directly after PPLE.

    If you want to attend a Dutch Law Master’s programme after PPLE, you will need to complete a one-year pre-Master’s programme in law (civiel effect) before you will be eligible to apply. You can find more information about the civiel effect programme here.

    You can find more information about Master’s programmes our graduates have gone on to attend here.

  • Is a degree in this programme equivalent to an LLB if I major in law?

    No. Upon successful completion of PPLE, students are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics with a specialisation in e.g. Law. Your transcript will show that you have earned 60 ECTS of law credits in the PPLE programme. Depending on the Master’s programme you would like to attend after PPLE, you may be able to enter directly with these qualifications. We recommend checking the requirements of each specific programme to see what they require for entry.

  • Is it possible to transfer credits obtained from a previous Bachelor's programme?

    Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our programme we require our students to follow the entire curriculum. It is therefore not possible to transfer large amounts of previously obtained credits from a different programme. We do have 12 credits worth of electives, two courses, distributed across the third year (first semester). You might be able to fill these elective courses with your previously obtained credits but you will need permission from the PPLE Examinations Board.

  • What is the full title of the degree PPLE graduates receive?

    Bachelor of Science in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics.

  • Will I be able to pursue a Master's programme in my major after PPLE?

    In many cases, our graduates are able to go on to Master's programmes in their major fields. However, the requirements for different Master's programmes vary per programme. We recommend researching the requirements of the Master's programme you are interested in to see if you will be eligible to apply with a degree from PPLE.

  • What Master's programmes have PPLE graduates gone on to attend?

    You can find a list of some of the Master's programmes our graduates have gone on to attend here.

Practical matters


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