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Admissions policy

PPLE uses its admissions procedure to bring together a group of talented and motivated students who will finish their Bachelor's degree within three years and with good results. The PPLE programme is focused on recruiting ambitious, talented, intellectually curious and socially responsible students who are looking for interdisciplinary challenges within their studies.


The selection criteria are intended to contribute to enhancing students’ motivation, progress and commitment to the programme, and to a high quality of the teaching and learning process based on more engaging student-teacher interactions.  

In order to be considered for admission to PPLE, applicants must meet the following basic entry requirements; diploma level, grade point average, English proficiency, mathematics proficiency. Besides the entry requirements, PPLE utilizes other data such as performance on the written assignments and interview to determine a candidates’ suitability for the programme. In each selection round, applicants are ranked in comparison to the others that have been received and selected on the basis of the following established criteria: assessment of minimum requirements, personal statement and CV, written assignments (test), and interview

Admissions procedure PPLE

Organisation of Admission


The Dean of PPLE College makes a final decision regarding who will be offered a conditional place.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee:

  • Decides which candidates will be invited to the second round: written assignment round
  • Decides which candidates will be invited to the third round: interview round
  • Decides who will be offered a conditional place
  • Decides on the selection criteria.
  • Decides on possible exemptions to the selection criteria.

The Selections Committee consists of the Dean of PPLE College, a lecturer of PPLE College, two of the four major mentors of PPLE College and the facilities manager of PPLE College

Admissions office 

The Admissions office:

  • Is responsible for processing all applications for admission. 
  • Checks the completeness of application forms.
  • Checks applications to determine the candidates’ admissibility.
  • Organises the interviews.
  • Provides a secretary to the Admissions Committee and provides information about the candidates.
  • Provides students with information about all the steps that need to be taken before entering the programme.
  • Takes care of the administration of all necessary data. 
  • Applies for visas for international students. 
  • Ensures that international students receive assistance after they arrive in The Netherlands. 

Examinations Board

The Examinations Board deals with complaints from students concerning the Admissions procedure.