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Student Ambassadors

Are you curious to talk to some students? And maybe get a slightly more objective opinion? Get to know our student ambassadors here.

Emily Bowman
Law major from Hungary
Now, that I have been a PPLE student for over 2 years, I understand that PPLE is much more than just a fancy name. It is also the people, the tutors, the personal and engaging nature of the programme, it’s our study association AIM, it’s Amsterdam, and much more.
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Jin Hyejin Jo
Economics major from South Korea
Before starting the PPLE programme, I had never been to a European country before. Initially, I came to the Netherlands only because of my studies but I also fell in love with Amsterdam very quickly. Now I can say that it was the absolute right choice for me.
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Konstantin van Thiel
Economics major from Germany
I really appreciate how personal teaching is at PPLE. The small class sizes and dedicated tutors really complete the course for me. While demanding, I believe that PPLE’s classes allow me to thrive and participate in lively and exciting classes that leave me thinking and talking about the content long after.
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Suzie Hahnraths
Law major from the Netherlands
Studying within this programme allows you to think outside the parameters of a single field, opening new fields of knowledge as you go through the courses. I believe that the different disciplines amplify each other, making the whole of PPLE greater than the sum of its individual parts.
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