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We are committed to creating an environment that enables our students to develop into integrative thinkers who are prepared to tackle the complex societal issues. Read about our vision, mission, and values here.


You have probably heard how people are calling today’s world complex, how the challenges we face are "bigger than ever", but let's take a closer look: Part of their complexity lies in the fact that they are intertwined. From climate change to conflicts between management levels: they cannot be understood nor faced with the use of just one perspective. 

That is why we believe in joining forces - academically, personally and professionally. Within PPLE, we connect the dots between Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. We need interdisciplinary connections to create a better understanding of the modern world, to analyse and create solutions that were previously hidden or unknown. Because complex, intertwined problems can neither be understood nor solved by only looking at them from a single perspective.

PPLE educates those who want to shape a society of greater understanding, connectedness and equity. We help students to gain multiple perspectives. Whatever they decide to do after PPLE – continue studying, find a job, start a business or travel the world — we know they’ll have the right tools to steer through transitions. By pushing beyond traditional boundaries, our students are able to challenge existing systems, and go beyond the obvious. In an ever changing world, we will prepare you for change itself. 


Today's great challenges and trends do not respect disciplinary boundaries. So why should your education? At PPLE, we believe a well-rounded education needs multiple frames of reference and personal guidance. That is why we’ve developed a personal and interdisciplinary programme that combines insights from Political Science, Psychology, Law and Economics. Quite ambitious, isn’t it?

But so are tomorrow’s solutions. We need open and critical minds that aren’t afraid to untangle what’s in front of us and have a multifaceted approach. We provide students with the necessary toolkit that is essential to shape political, behavioural, legal and economic transitions. With a personal approach and a building dedicated specifically to PPLE, we create an environment that allows students to thrive both personally and academically. Graduates won’t become just a manager, lawmaker, consultant, lawyer or politician: They will be equipped with networked knowledge and versatile skills, ready to have their say in the business world, in academia, or in societal debates in various contexts.

PPLE creates the workforce and management of the future, with empathy and resilience. This is how we add value to a society in which people are at the centre of progress.