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Meet our Team

Our team is driven by ambition, and passionate about PPLE's interdisciplinary approach. Get to know them a little better, and let them tell you about PPLE.


Our Dean is in charge of overseeing PPLE's academic programme as well as its day-to-day management. He also takes the lead in recruiting new staff and acts as a liaison between PPLE and university at large.

Heads of Studies

At PPLE, we have a Head of Studies for each of the four majors in PPLE: Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. A Head of Studies is a professor in the department of the respective major and responsible for the coordination of the major within PPLE. They are the liaison officers between the faculties associated with PPLE and PPLE. In this capacity they guard the red thread of their respective major.

Teaching Staff

Our Teaching Staff are excellent at connecting the interdisciplinary dots. As some of the most outstanding specialists in their field of study, they’re the best you can get to grow academically ánd personally.

Study Advisers

Our PPLE Study Advisers give personal guidance when you have questions about your curriculum, your study planning or personal circumstances that are affecting your studies. They’re in direct contact with the other staff of PPLE and the university to assist you in getting the help you need.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides our Dean - Radboud Winkels - with valuable advice. They specifically look at PPLE’s ambition to equip young people with the necessary knowledge and skills to competently address societal challenges. Members are bright minds from the higher education community, as well as from a variety of work fields.