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Programme Structure


PPLE is a three-year programme that has been allocated 180 ECTS credits. All courses are allocated 6 credits, adding up to a total of 60 credits per year.

The programme consists of four main components:

  1. The core curriculum consisting of eight interdisciplinary courses, four integrative seminars and four methodological courses, which are compulsory for all students of the PPLE (102 credits)
  2. Courses in the student's chosen specialisation and the Bachelor’s thesis (66 credits)
  3. The Talent Development Programme
  4. Additional electives (12 credits)

Teaching, learning and coaching

PPLE offers learning opportunities that combine the latest technology with solid educational practices. Students are exposed to diverse teaching methods such as:

  • Lectures - a general introduction to the main subjects for all first-year students which comprises 40% of all contact hours
  • Tutorials - in-depth discussions on lectures and literature, organised in small groups of maximum 17 students
  • Practical assignments - interdisciplinary modules, evolving around problem-based learning in which students will do assignments, write papers and give presentations in small groups of approximately 14 students
  • Assessments - conducted in the form of written examinations, papers, presentations or a combination of all three

More on the tutoring system and student guidance

Talent Development Programme

In the Talent Development Programme (TDP), students apply their academic background directly in business and society, and develop professional skills.

Read more about the TDP programme.

Study Abroad

PPLE students have several possibilities to include a study abroad experience in their programme. This can be either a full semester exchange or a short term by attending a summer school abroad.
Please take a look at Study Abroad PPLE for all opportunities, important information and practical matters.