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PPLE is a three-year interdisciplinary Bachelor's programme that, upon completion, leads to a BSc degree in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. The programme is taught completely in English; knowledge of the Dutch language is not required.
  • Characteristics
    • Within PPLE we connect the dots between Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics to gain a better understanding of the modern world and address social issues from multiple perspectives.
    • PPLE is a tight-knit learning community of students and teachers who share a critical mind and a curiosity towards the wicked problems of today's and tomorrow's society.
    • PPLE is an honours programme.
    • Our students benefit from personal guidance and PPLE’s small-scale educational approach.
    • Students develop not only academically but also on a personal level outside the classroom. Many take part in our inclusive Talent Development Programme or join our vibrant Study Association AIM.
    • PPLE has its own modern campus facilities, conveniently located in the city center of Amsterdam.
  • Curriculum

    The programme's interdisciplinary curriculum connects the fields of politics, psychology, law, and economics, providing a comprehensive understanding of contemporary societal issues and their underlying dynamics. The curriculum is structured so that students start by building a solid knowledge base in all disciplines, and as they progress through the programme, they additionally choose one discipline to specialise in. Find out more by reading about the programme structure and the curriculum overview.

    The course catalogue is the go-to resource for all the information you need about the PPLE curriculum. So whether you're just starting out or planning ahead, you can consult the catalogue to find out about the contents, learning objectives and assessment methods of every PPLE course.