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After leaving PPLE College, Emma continued her studies with a Master's in Law at the University of Cambridge. She tells us how she came to her decision to leave for the United Kingdom.
Emma Rengers

Doing an LLM at the University of Cambridge

"After PPLE, I decided to continue my academic pursuits at Queens’ College at the University of Cambridge with a Master's of Law. Before I joined PPLE, I knew I wanted to go into law, which meant that throughout my time at PPLE, I could research graduate programmes. On top of doing online research, I talked to some of our teachers, who helped me find my path. While at first I wasn’t considering studying at Oxbridge due to the broad nature of their master programmes, I realised during my time at PPLE that although a broad degree is intense, I enjoy pushing myself and wanted to continue challenging myself. Once I decided to go for Oxbridge, I talked to former students from the faculty, staff and people I met at international law conferences."

Arrangements Practical Matters

"Once you have found a Master’s that is right for you, I recommend taking a lot of time to prepare for your application. Do research on the degree and know why you want to go to that university and their specific Master’s. Knowing what Master’s you want to do early on, will allow you to build your profile towards it, through extracurricular activities, for example. While keeping your courses as your main focus, you want to branch out and broaden your horizon, allowing you to see if this particular field is for you. Attending summer schools, conferences and volunteering are a few examples of how I did this. Make sure you finish your degree with good grades but don’t forget about the merit of extracurriculars. However, to ensure that you are eligible for a high level master’s, you have to study very hard and try your best in all of your courses.
When it came to housing, I was lucky enough to have the university take care of things. Don’t be intimidated if a degree abroad seems expensive. You can apply for scholarships from the college, university or even through national funds, which is what I did."

Further Advice

"For future graduates of PPLE I recommend exploring what your interests are. If you don’t know what you’re interested in, researching graduate programmes can be overwhelming. Once you have found your field, try to make sure your extracurriculars and academic record compliment each other - this makes life a lot easier."