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PPLE graduate Kiki Holshuijsen started an internship at the NL Times after finishing her degree at PPLE. She talks to us about how she found her internship.
Kiki Holshuijsen

My Internship at the NL Times

"I am an intern for the NL Times. During my internship, I focused on writing news articles, managingsocial media platforms, working on potential subsidies for journalism grants, and gaining first handexperience into the world of journalism. The NL Times is relatively small, which I enjoy as I feel like Iam being heard and I can make a genuine impact within the company. I was always interested in writing. Being social and interacting with others allows me to draw my ownpath and give direction to my work. I view journalism as a two-sided occupation, a dialogue in which Ican tell a story in a new and interesting light. Being a student assistant for PPLE got me acquainted with interviewing, writing and editing which is now helping me in my internship."

How I Found My Internship

"Finding my internship was quite coincidental. I went to an UvA Alumni networking event I found out about through the UvA’s online channels. At this event they invited guest speakers, one of whom inspired me. After the event I approached him and started a conversation. We were on the same wave length and his company connected with what I wanted to do professionally. He was interested about the PPLE background and my ability for critical thought; fortunately I got an offer on the spot. I got back to him at a later stage, met up at the office, and we worked out the details. Being an Emmy award winning journalist, I was excited to work for my boss, he says he started the company as he felt that as an expat there was no channel for quality, thorough, and diverse Dutch news in English."

Finding Your Internship

"Don’t get tunnel vision, don’t have one specific goal and one specific method of getting there. Interact with a range of people, take chances, use opportunities, and instead of saying why, ask, why not? Look around as there is no harm in trying, if you don’t try the answer will always be no, it might not be your ideal position but you can work your way up. The bottom line being, start somewhere."