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Snugly situated in the city’s centre you find PPLE College. It is located at the Roeterseiland of the University of Amsterdam, a green campus surrounded by cultural attractions like museums, cinemas, shops and a lively international neighbourhood.

The Roeterseiland Campus is home to three of the UvA’s faculties - Economics and Business, Social and Behavioural Sciences, and Law. Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, the campus is easily accessible via metro, bus and tram, and - of course - by bike.

The Campus of Roeterseiland is a lively hub housing many of the student organizations and associations connected to the three faculties. Throughout the year, the campus is a hive of activity, with events such as Career Skills Week, Room for Discussion, and Health Week

The playfully laid-out Roeterseiland Campus is surrounded by water. Its green spaces offer a welcome respite from Amsterdam’s hustle and bustle. During the spring and summer months, the Nieuwe Achtergracht intersecting campus offers plenty of riverfront spots to relax and unwind, boats passing by creating a lively atmosphere. Like an hommage to Amsterdam’s famous canals, the distinctive campus “bridge” - named “De Brug” - provides amazing views.

View of a park with many green trees and two people, each sitting on a bench
5 minutes within walking distance you will find little parks like this one, the J. W. van Overloopplantsoen

The campus is located in the green Plantage neighbourhood of Amsterdam, a historically and culturally rich area with lots of museums, such as the Jewish Historical Museum, the Resistance Museum and the Hermitage Amsterdam. Kriterion, a student-run cinema, is found just across from campus. The nearby Artis Zoo is another popular attraction. Campus and its surrounding area sports plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops, offering students the opportunity to unwind, explore, and engage with the local community.

Students sitting at a table studying, surrounded by plants
One of the study spaces in the PPLE building
The PPLE College Building

The PPLE building is located on the same campus as the three faculties - Economics and Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Law - that participate in the PPLE program. On every one of its floors, you can find students, teaching staff, support staff and management working alongside each other. This purposeful proximity fosters a sense of community and enhances interdisciplinary collaboration, which is at the core of PPLE's DNA. 

The PPLE Common Room is the beating heart of the PPLE building. This is where students and staff come together as a community to socialize, work, and exchange ideas. It is the place to meet up, discuss assignments, have a foosball match, or read a book while working on your studies - if you don't mind a bit of chatter in the background!

In case students want to retreat and study in silence, or find a meeting room for a group project, there are different study spots available throughout the PPLE College building.

The Education Desk can be found across from the common room. The Desk is where students can go for all kinds of academic and practical matters, like academic transcripts, help with course enrollment, log-in problems and even lost and found objects.

Campus Culture

The campus has a vibrant culture, with modern study spaces and research facilities. The creative heart of the Campus is CREA, a cultural centre for students with a cafe and a theatre that offers workshops, courses, and events for students. Another popular hide-out is Café Krater.

UvA Talen is the on-campus language school for any and all students wishing to brush up on their Dutch or learn another tongue. Students also have the opportunity to access the podcast studio situated in the Teaching and Learning Centre. Students can drop by the Law Hub for free legal advice by law students.

A piano in one of the big halls provides a creative outlet for musicians, whilst the cafeteria’s changing menu offers a culinary and culturally-diverse adventure for both students and staff.