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Mathematics requirements

Please note that you will need to plan your preparatory work and the actual test yourself. We strongly recommend you take any necessary tests well in advance of the submission deadline in July. The websites mentioned below have more information on their test schedules.

Candidates who no longer need to overcome any deficiencies are placed higher in the ranking. Therefore we advise all candidates to take any supplementary test as soon as possible. The sooner you overcome your deficiencies, the better your chances.

PPLE College only accepts sufficient test scores that have been obtained less than two years before the start of the programme. 



Several PPLE courses require advanced math skills. Therefore, proficiency in math is an important entry requirement for PPLE. This requirement needs to be met by July.

  • Applicants holding a diploma from a Dutch VWO school with mathematics A or B (final grade for the math course 6.0 or higher), meet the mathematics requirement.
  • The preparatory education of applicants holding a foreign diploma must be equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma, with a pass grade for mathematics on the final examination. (It will depend on your own school system what a pass grade would be.)
  • IB students: Math Studies and Route 2 SL: Applications and Interpretation are insufficient. You need to take a supplementary test to meet the mathematics requirement.
  • A-level students: GCSE mathematics and AS-level mathematics are insufficient. Only A-level mathematics suffices. If you have only taken mathematics at GCSE or AS-level, you will need to take a supplementary test to meet the mathematics requirement.
  • If you are not studying maths or you are not sure that you will get a sufficient grade, you may still submit your application but you will need to show sufficient results from a recognised test centre before July.

Any offer of acceptance will be conditional, pending the diploma or test results.

Please check the specific mathematics grade requirements for your diploma type in our entry requirements overview:

Organisations offering tests and/or preparatory courses

The specified scores below are minimum admissions requirements. The higher your scores, the better your chances of proceeding further in the admissions procedure. When you send in the results, please refer to the contact details of test centres below.

Recommended test

Alternative test options

Non-EEA applicants

For immigration purposes, all students who are required to apply for a visa or residence permit must demonstrate that they will meet the mathematics requirement before 1 May. Thus you either need to provide PPLE College with sufficient test scores of one of the beforementioned test providers before this deadline, or your most recent secondary education transcript demonstrates that you will meet the mathematics requirement through your diploma.