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Results: 21 - 40 of 95
Results: 21 - 40 of 95
  • Let’s talk about sex… and sexual assault
    31 Jan 2018
    Sexual exploration and experimentation are a vital and fun part of growing up. Sadly, unwanted sexual advances and sexual assault can sometimes become part of student life as well.
  • UvA collaborates with West 8 on university quarter
    30 Jan 2018
    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is to build a City Centre Campus in the heart of Amsterdam in the vicinity of the Binnengasthuis grounds, Oude Turfmarkt, Oudezijds Achterburgwal and Kloveniersburgwal. The campus is ...
  • PPLE student for a day seminar
    Join the PPLE student ambassador team
    7 Sep 2017
    Become a student ambassador and tell future students about your experience at PPLE College while honing your public speaking and teaching skills! If you like to talk about what makes PPLE stand out and why you chose ...
  • Lustrum GvB pop-up
    UvA pop-up lectures on ferry and at airport
    28 Aug 2017
    During the month of September, scholars from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) will treat passengers on the Amsterdam Noord ferry to mini lectures. Pop-up lectures will also be given for (international) travellers at ...
  • PPLE books
    Buy your books through AIM
    4 Aug 2017
    From 10 August on, you will be able to buy your books, AIM Membership and Freshmen Weekend tickets through the Athenaeum Web Shop! AIM is the study association of PPLE and organizes events, parties and trips for its ...
  • Marlene Straub in the Amsterdam Law Trials
    Two internships after competing in the Amsterdam Law Trials
    30 Jun 2017
    Law major student Marlene Straub competed as a judge in the Amsterdam Law Trials competition 2017 and made it to the finals. She can look forward to two legal internships as a result of her outstanding performance.
  • Dorien Pessers
    Farewell to Professor Dorien Pessers
    6 Jun 2017
    After having worked at the UvA for over thirty years, Dorien Pessers, professor of The Foundations of Private Life in Legal Theory (Rechtstheoretische grondslagen van de persoonlijke levenssfeer), will give her ...
  • Vote Inter
    PPLE students start crowd-sourced political party
    10 May 2017
    From 10-16 May 2017, elections are held for the student councils at the University of Amsterdam. PPLE College welcomes a fresh new addition to the political landscape: Inter, a party that aims to better represent ...
  • Vote Inter
    Meet Inter: the political party for interdisciplinary students
    9 May 2017
    From 10-16 May, elections are held for the student councils at the University of Amsterdam. PPLE welcomes a fresh new addition to the political landscape: Inter, a party that aims to better represent international ...
  • DamMUN organizing committee
    PPLE students launch DamMUN: an Amsterdam-style Model UN
    26 Apr 2017
    From 21-23 April 2017 the first DamMUN was launched by PPLE students. DamMUN was introduced to the world as 'a conference based on a traditional Model United Nations structure, but with a fresh Dutch twist, ...
  • Many ways to find your major
    12 Apr 2017
    How do PPLE students find out what they would like to major in? 'I have made a determined effort not to think too much about it,' says Rens Feenstra, first-year student at PPLE College.
  • diploma
    Please register to participate in the diploma ceremony
    4 Apr 2017
    Come celebrate PPLE's first diploma ceremony with us! The PPLE diploma ceremony will take place on Thursday, 6 July 2017. Please register to participate.
  • PPLE students in class
    Major market helps students choose their specialization
    29 Mar 2017
    In the beginning of March, PPLE College organized a 'major market' for first-year PPLE students, who will need to choose a major for the next two years of their studies.
  • PPLE College - Student Desk
    Record number of 950 applications for 2017 enrolment in PPLE
    21 Mar 2017
    Application for September enrolment in the English-taught Bachelor's programme PPLE closed on 1 March. In the last week the total number of applications rose to over 950, with only 200 places available.
  • Bart Jan van Ettekoven named chair ABRvS
    20 Mar 2017
    The Dutch Council of Ministers has approved the nomination of B.J. van Ettekoven, professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law, as chair of the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State (ABRvS).
  • Shanghai, view of Pudong
    Would you like to go on exchange?
    21 Feb 2017
    PPLE College would like to learn more about students' wishes to spend part of their studies abroad. Please help us by filling out a short questionnaire.
  • Legal counsel
    New: 'Civiel Effect' Pre-Master for Dutch Law Masters
    9 Feb 2017
    PPLE is happy to announce that students with a law major can now take a Pre-Master before going on to Dutch law Master's (LLM) to obtain 'civiel effect'.
  • PPLE 'Civiel Effect' Pre-Master's Programme
    27 Jan 2017
    PPLE is pleased to announce a one-year Pre-Master's programme in law with 'civiel effect' (Dutch taught). This programme, especially designed for PPLE law major students, is for students who want to apply for a Dutch ...
  • Rhetoric presentations - music
    First-year students show off their skills
    23 Dec 2016
    In the first year, PPLE students take a course in Rhetoric to find, examine and improve their persuasive powers in writing, speaking, presenting and collaborating. To show off what they had learned, the course ended ...
  • PPLE webinar
    PPLE webinar for prospective students
    10 Nov 2016
    On 3 November we organized our biannual PPLE webinar. Webinars are aimed at prospective students who are unable to attend one of our open days at PPLE. Programme coordinator Noah Millman and PPLE student Sean Becker ...