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Results: 41 - 60 of 95
Results: 41 - 60 of 95
  • check list
    Course evaluation reports for students
    20 Oct 2016
    The University of Amsterdam now offers course evaluation reports to inform you on the outcomes of the course evaluations. You will be notified by email when an evaluation report is published on the Blackboard page of ...
  • Climate Change-ross sea
    Honours Course on Climate Change has started
    20 Oct 2016
    On 11 October, the honours course organized by prof. Spier on strategies to come to grips with climate change, started with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Ir. Bram Bregman (Radboud University Nijmegen / Royal Netherlands ...
  • Dick Swaan and the brain
    Guest lecture by Dick Swaab on the brain and free will
    17 Oct 2016
    On Tuesday 11 October the second year PPLE course of Law, Justice and Morality II hosted the famous neuroscientist Dick Swaab. Swaab gave a guest lecture on the working of the brain and its implications for our ...
  • Bachelor thesis timeline
    11 Oct 2016
    Bachelor theses will be written in block V and VI.
  • Thy Pham at TDP
    TDP as research inspiration
    20 Sep 2016
    The TDP programme serves several goals, one of which is giving ideas for interesting research goals and methods. This week’s lecture by Thy Pham on “Good Corporate Governance” was an excellent example.
  • The PPLE Board of Studies is looking for new student members
    8 Sep 2016
    Would you like to be more involved in the study programme and give regular feedback? Become a student member of the Board of Studies.
  • Fabian Nieuwkoop Rodriguez
    A Few First Years’ First Few Days
    8 Sep 2016
    What are the first few days at PPLE College like? A few first year students tell us how they have experienced their first days.
  • PPLE student ambassadors James, Emma and Lino
    Become an ambassador for PPLE
    2 Sep 2016
    Become a student ambassador and tell future students about your experience at PPLE College while honing your public speaking and teaching skills! If you like to talk about what makes PPLE stand out and why you chose ...
  • Honours course: strategies to come to grips with climate change
    22 Aug 2016
    Join the information meeting on 14 September about the new honours course 'Strategies to come to grips with climate change', with Prof. Jaap Spier. Only 15 students will be selected to take part in the course, which ...
  • UNISCA opening event
    UNISCA: An ideal environment to be professionally challenged
    28 Jul 2016
    PPLE student Michael Collyer, majoring in law, took part in the Model UN summer school at the University of Amsterdam: UNISCA.
  • Kiki Holshuijsen in Iran
    PPLE students travel to Iran: More than fairy lights and colourful carpets
    18 Jul 2016
    As part of the elective titled ‘Politics and Social Change in Iran’ a group of sixteen excited second-year students, accompanied by PPLE staff members Peyman Jafari and Elmar Jansen, visited Iran in June 2016.
  • PPLE webinar for new students
    29 Jun 2016
    On Tuesday, 28 June 2016, we organized a webinar for new students coming to the PPLE College in September 2016 - our class of 2019. You can now watch a recording of the webinar online.
  • Marlene Straub and Sasha Borovitskaja elected for student council
    Marlene Straub and Sasha Borovitskaja elected for student council
    22 Jun 2016
    PPLE students Marlene Straub and Sasha Borovitskaja were elected for the Faculty of Law student council in May 2016. They will be starting this summer as your representatives. What are their plans and what can you ...
  • Expert presenting evidence
    PPLE jury finds jury system fair
    23 May 2016
    On Friday 13 May, PPLE's Talent Development Programme organized a mock trial within the Decision Making course. A jury of students was asked to decide on the issue: Is the jury system unfair?
  • Zomerfestival
    Save the date: Summer festival Roeterseiland on 23 June
    4 May 2016
    The faculties and colleges at the Roeterseiland Campus are organizing an amazing summer festival on 23 June. Save the date on your calendars!
  • Ningbo Campus University of Nottingham
    Vincent is going to a summer course in China
    25 Apr 2016
    First-year PPLE student Vincent Stoop was selected to attend a summer course offered by the University of Nottingham - in China.
  • Rijksmuseum
    Texel gown belonged to member of royal court of Queen Henrietta Maria
    20 Apr 2016
    Archival research has revealed that the wardrobe discovered near Texel belonged to the royal court of the English queen Henrietta Maria. In March 1642 the queen was travelling to the Netherlands on a secret mission ...
  • AIM debate Financialization of the UvA
    AIM Debate: Financialization of the UvA?
    15 Apr 2016
    On Thursday 7 April, the Academic Committee and the AIM Board collaborated on organising an informative and intellectual debate on the recent Maagdenhuis movements surrounding the UvA. The debate was held at the ...
  • Keuzegids Award top programme
    PPLE rated top programme in Dutch Keuzegids
    31 Mar 2016
    In the 2016 Keuzegids, an independent Dutch study choice guide, PPLE was rated a top programme on the basis of student and expert reports.
  • Configurations of citizenship conference
    PPLE Politics major conference
    24 Mar 2016
    On 18 March 2016, the PPLE Politics Major had its first official academic poster conference.