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Diversity board

Meet the PPLE community

At PPLE we’re all connected by our drive, ambition and motivation. However, as a multidisciplinary study, we believe that bringing multiple perspectives to the table is of the utmost importance. Having more than just one outlook on issues creates a substantial, more solid foundation the world can build on. Therefore we encourage students with all sorts of backgrounds to apply, and we ask our students continually to point out the areas where we can grow. Conclusion? There are no solutions without diversity. With this in mind we’ve created a Diversity board. Since we still have a lot of room for improvement, they point out the areas in our curriculum, staff, admission policy and anything else where we can grow when it comes to diversity.

PPLE Diversity Board 2021-2022

Message from the 2021-2022 Diversity Board

"Diversity is seen by us in the inclusion and acceptance of different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, disabilities, cultures, gender, sexualities, perspectives and neurodivergence. This is achieved by respecting all participants in our community and representing them in one way or another. Everybody should feel comfortable in expressing and being themselves. This should be fostered through open and honest dialogues that are motivated by constructive curiosity for each other. Our aim is to highlight and celebrate all the differences in PPLE through policy suggestion, so everybody can partake equally in our space."

If you have questions regarding diversity at PPLE, please contact

Get to know the members of the Diversity Board

Hey all! My name is Ayman (he/him), a second year Politics major. This year I’m Co-Chairing the Diversity Board with Sertara. Since having felt othered in a lot of instances in my life, my goal has been to make everybody feel included and comfortable in the space that surrounds them. Therefore, this year with the Diversity Board we will aim at formulating policy suggestion to make PPLE be such an environment. Always feel comfortable to talk to me or any other member about issues or concerns to this. Or if there are things appreciated in this aspect bring them to our attention, so we can learn from what is already working!
Hi everyone! I’m Sertara (she/her) a second year Economics major. Together with Ayman I will be chairing the Diversity Board so everyone in PPLE feels included and safe. Our main mission is to implement new rules, regulations and opportunities for everyone to express themselves freely and not feel neglected. With this we hope that everyone can be themselves without limitations.
Hi folks, I am Burcu, a staff member at PPLE College since 2020. I am a lawyer and I have various gigs at PPLE, including teaching 5 courses, supervising theses, being a mentor and the internship coordinator. Having said all this, being a member of the PPLE Diversity Board is one of the dearest tasks I have been conducting. In my vocabulary, diversity represents the feeling of being included. As a naturally caring person, I consider increasing this cozy feeling among my dear students and dear colleagues as one of my jobs. And I am glad to be on duty
Hi there! My name is Lakiescha, and I use she/her pronouns. Creating an inclusive environment is of great value to me, as this enriches our community and allows for a place where everyone - from students to teaching and non-teaching staff members - can be themselves and feels seen and heard. I feel extremely happy to be able to ensure this safe space within our community as a member of the Diversity Board!
Hi, I’m Yazan (he/him) I am Jordanian, but I lived in the Czech Republic for my entire life before enrolling at UvA. Having lived in a very homogenous place I know the feeling of being different. My mission is to help highlight and celebrate this difference here at PPLE and UvA as a whole through informative posts and research. Likewise, I am also here for anyone who has any issues regarding their inclusivity here at UvA. Please feel free to contact me through my email if you have any questions, issues or ideas that the Diversity Board can help you with.
Hey! I'm Mylou (they/them) and I'm the Exam's coordinator of PPLE. I was born and raised in the Amsterdam area and I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Fine Arts. Because representation and inclusivity are key elements in my artist practice, as well as holding space and working with elements of care, I feel like it's important to bring these elements into UvA/PPLE through my work for the PPLE Diversity Board. I strongly believe that representation matters and can be very empowering. I'm Queer, neurodivergent and I love cats and any sort of puzzle.