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Dean PPLE Radboud Winkels

As our Dean, Radboud Winkels is responsible for the day-to-day management of the study programme. This means, for example, he’s responsible for adopting PPLE’s Teaching and Examination Regulations, monitoring their implementation, PPLE’s year plan and annual budget. Because PPLE is an interdisciplinary programme, a unique aspect of our Dean's work is to maintain connections between the different departments: the faculties of Economics and Business, Law and Social and Behavioural Sciences

“PPLE is a programme I would have liked to study when I was young. I have always had a broad range of interests and there were so many topics I wanted to study back then. The four PPLE disciplines have run through my career: I studied Psychology, now work at a Law Faculty, in my work I focus on societal effects, which is economics, and I have been a member of the Workers Council for a long time, which is politics. Even at a theoretical level I find it hard not to see these four disciplines united. They just make very good sense as a combination.

We need more interdisciplinary professionals in our society today. I'm also a strong believer in an interdisciplinary approach to research. In my opinion, we should strengthen the ties between teaching at PPLE and interdisciplinary research; that is one of the goals I’m focusing on as a dean. Our students already carry out small research assignments, but we should involve them even more in research projects, not only within the university but also at companies and NGOs.

The Talent Development Programme may be the most exciting part of PPLE for students who wish to expand their network. Research experience and internships may benefit you for the rest of your life and your career. That is why I hope to strengthen ties with local businesses and interest groups in the Netherlands as well. They offer great opportunities for our students to apply their skills in practice.”