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Jennifer Reinhard

"Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I am a dedicated tutor at PPLE with a specialisation in the Psychology major. I teach courses including Mind, Behaviour and Society, Rhetoric and Solidarity. I also coordinate the “What You Don’t Learn in School'' programme at PPLE, which emphasises essential life skills and personal growth.

I am a behavioural scientist with a keen interest in organisational development. In my early career, I founded a company focusing on the interplay of psychology and economics to optimise organisational performance. Today, I cherish my academic role at PPLE, guiding students both inside and outside the classroom. Beyond lecturing, I am a mentor to 30 students. I assist them in making curriculum decisions and in navigating a balanced approach to academic and personal life. In this role, ensuring their mental well-being is at the core of my responsibilities.

PPLE stands out for its commitment to active student participation, be it through engaging tutorials or courses like Rhetoric. The curriculum is not just about conventional learning; it also embraces student-led initiatives. Additionally, "What You Don't Learn at School'' aims to equip students with indispensable life skills.

I am passionate about empowering students with life skills that often remain outside the traditional academic scope. Choices made during these formative years profoundly shape their future. Drawing from my own transition into professional life, I understand the significance of nurturing skills that help students thrive in different settings. My time at PPLE has reaffirmed that students who openly share their challenges are better equipped to enhance their well-being. I often reflect on my post-graduate journey, which underlines the importance of self-reflection, effective communication, and teamwork. I deeply care about compassion, both for self and others. For our students to truly make a mark, they should appreciate the rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds and experiences, preparing them to tackle life’s challenges, navigate social situations and initiate positive change in the world."