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PPLE and Covid in the 2021-2022 academic year

The Netherlands has opened up again now that the number of Covid-related hospital admissions is decreasing. Face masks are no longer required on campus and there is no maximum group size for classes.

Measures that remain in place

We are happy that education has opened up, but ask you to respect the following:

  • self-test at least twice a week, preferably before coming to campus (you can order self-tests here)
  • stay home if you're experiencing symptoms and get tested
  • stay home if you've been infected
  • quarantine if someone in your household tested positive (you don't have to if you've tested positive in the past eight weeks and no longer have symptoms or if you had your booster vaccination in the past week)
  • continue to wear a face mask if it makes you feel safe

Vaccinations and tests 

Finally, we would like to repeat the government’s and the UvA’s strong recommendation to get vaccinated. Vaccinations and self-testing are our strongest assets to ensure a safe campus and ease the pressure on the health care system. Find more information about how and where to get vaccinated in Amsterdam here.

Behaviour guidelines and resources 

Code of Conduct

At PPLE, we remain committed to collectively creating an environment where we are considerate of each other and where everyone can feel safe while studying or teaching. What we do and how we behave will affect our friends, our fellow students, and university staff members. Therefore, we would like to bring to your attention the PPLE College community norms summarised in our Code of Conduct.