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Our study association AIM is an initiative by enthusiastic students in collaboration with PPLE. AIM brings university closer to students and vice versa. They’re also one of the main groups that connects students outside the classroom, so it’s a great way to get to know your fellow students in a different setting.

Introducing AIM

The activities that AIM organises range from academically oriented to culturally enlightening, sports related and social. AIM hope to provide you with the opportunity to get to know fellow students and staff from the start of your study career through to the end. They encourage the PPLE student community to organise anything that might spark their interest, so students can continue to grow outside of their academic career. 


Become a member

To enjoy all of these amazing experiences, all PPLE students are more than welcome to become a member of the study association. PPLE College and AIM want to provide students a wide range of opportunities to engage in diverse extracurricular activities. These include setting up a sports team, planning unique events with inspiring guest speakers, organizing parties or movie nights – the options are endless!

  • Travelling
    AIM study trip to Morocco

    Bringing together many students from all over the world, AIM has always been keen on travelling. These are some trips they have organised:

    • A week-long study trip to Morocco
    • A weekend-long hitchhiking competition to Berlin
    • A day trip to Cologne’s Christmas market
    • Several ‘Dutch Days’ to for example Utrecht and Leiden
    • Day getaway to traditional carnaval in ‘Oeteldonk’
  • Cultural events
    AIM performance night

    PPLE strives for an inclusive and diverse range of students, which means you can learn more about other cultures than your own, but also dive into the wide range of cultural talents our students possess. 

    • Themed cooking nights and barbecues
    • Contemporary exhibitions and museum visits
    • Writing circles and special film screenings
    • An all-round performance night for the abundance of talented students and staff
    • An art exhibition with submisissons from talented students and staff
  • Celebratory events

    Yep, just like every other student association, AIM loves to celebrate! Take a look at some of the events they organise: 

    • Bi-weekly ‘borrels’ (Dutch tradition of over-17 get-togethers with a drink and fried snacks)
    • Special theme borrels such as Halloween, ‘Sinterklaas’ or Beer-Pong battles
    • Start-of-the-year-parties, e.g. in ‘All Around the World’ theme
    • Festive Winter Formals in gala-style
    • A yearly summer Boat Party to celebrate the end of the academic year
  • Community building

    At PPLE, we’d like to get to know you! Really know you. In line with this, AIM organises events that help students connect. 

    • A PPLE mum-and-dad-system for the UvA Intreeweek groups
    • A fantastic Freshman Weekend to Drenthe filled with fun activities
    • Small get-togethers in order for every student to find their place within PPLE
    • ‘Opening borrel’ for all students and staff as a welcome (back) event


AIM has a different board every year. The AIM Study Association Board can be reached at: University of Amsterdam, PPLE College Rec. E, room E1.17.