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Choosing the right study programme can be quite a challenge. After all, it somewhat sets the course for your professional future. There are so many options, universities and cities to choose from. What could be the right fit, and where would you feel at home? To help you, we have put together five steps you can consider when choosing PPLE as your next step in life.
How to choose your Study Programme
Decide in five steps if PPLE is right for you
  • Step 1. Get acquainted with the programme

    Scan through our programme and learn more about the curriculum and example courses. You can take a look at those here. If there are any courses that spark your interest, it might be a good idea to ask yourself whether Amsterdam is a city you could live and study in. Make sure to check out some of the experiences written by our alumni and current students as well, it’ll give you a good impression.

  • Step 2. Consider your future prospects

    As said, choosing the right study programme can set the course for your career, so it might be a good idea to dive into the possibilities after PPLE: Navigate the list of some potential Master's programmes after PPLE, as well as a compilation of professions some of our graduates pursue. Do you find some of these career paths exciting?

    Keep in mind, it’s also important to check what kind of career path you’re missing out on by choosing PPLE. For example, with a Bachelor's degree in PPLE, you will not qualify for further studies in clinical psychology. Or do you already have a clear idea that you want to work as a lawyer one day? You should consider there’s a more direct pathway to becoming one, like a law degree. At PPLE, we are really looking for students who have a strong interest in all four disciplines. Of course, if you would still want to become a lawyer after PPLE, you still can; it will just take a bit longer. In addition, PPLE follows a fairly stringent curriculum that includes four disciplines, but not much room for variation. If you value a lot of freedom in designing your curriculum, then a degree in Liberal Arts or Sciences might be more for you.

  • Step 3. Visit us and ask questions

    The best way to get a sense of studying PPLE is to visit us. You can attend sample lectures, visit us during Open Days, join a campus tour and/or any other event to get to know us better. Take a look at our campus tours. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us

  • Step 4. Admissions process

    So if you like what you see so far, the next step is to look at some practical matters. Do you have the required grades to get selected? Is the tuition fee within your reach, and if not, can you perhaps get a scholarship? Also, check out important dates and other costs of living, to avoid any surprises at a later stage. 

  • Step 5. Submit your application

    Excited to join us? Apply! You can find all the information necessary here.