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To give you a full idea on how much it costs to study PPLE (besides tuition) we’ve got some useful information and tips for you.

Tuition fees

The cost of studying PPLE is higher than a regular Bachelor’s degree. This is because we have our own teaching facilities and a small-scale, more personal approach to teaching, meaning more contact hours per course. Find out more on our admission page.

Rent and other costs of living

Besides your tuition fees, there are further costs that are important to consider. Expect to spend between €925 and €1,500 per month on living expenses. This includes rent (but not tuition fees!). You can find a full overview here.

Student jobs

Are you starting to think about how you can support yourself during your studies? Perhaps a side job can help, but be aware that studying PPLE is very time consuming and should remain your main focus. Here are a couple of things you should know when looking for a job.