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About PPLE

PPLE is a small-scale, interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programme that connects four disciplines: Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. We need interdisciplinary connections to enhance our understanding of the modern world, to create and assess possible innovative solutions. By studying PPLE, students will acquire the skills necessary for their future career and life. 

Not one major problem facing the world today can be addressed while drawing on just one discipline, one perspective alone. Our world is a complex one, with problems such as the recent Covid pandemic, the rise of authoritarianism, geo-political conflicts, global warming or the use of AI. But fortunately, the human capacity is vast.

By educating our students in four disciplines and teaching them to apply this combined knowledge, we enable them to approach societal challenges from different angles and find interdisciplinary solutions.
At PPLE, connections are made not only on the subject level, but also on the interpersonal one: PPLE students and staff form a close-knit learning community - something we are very proud of.

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