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You’re thinking about choosing PPLE as your choice of studies? Here’s some help explaining the programme to your friends and family!

What if you have a broad interest in the world around you and are looking for a study programme? Finding the right fit can be quite difficult because most Bachelor’s programmes are designed to specialise in a certain direction. At PPLE, we have a different approach, as we believe specialisations are important, but being skilled in several fields is as important. Think of the recent Covid pandemic; it was not just a medical phenomenon, but also a political, economical, legal and psychological issue.

So if you want to learn more about all your interests, solve complicated problems with a multifaceted perspective, PPLE is the right answer for you.

But how to explain this to your friends and family? The expectations of a regular Bachelor’s programme differ from PPLE. You won’t specialise in just one area, but you will learn how to connect four disciplines. You also don’t have a standard list of jobs you can pursue after studying. Most friends and family are probably looking for some certainty, and want to be reassured that choosing PPLE will benefit your personal, academic and professional life.

To help you, we’ve created a small explanation of PPLE that you can send (or tell) everyone you know when they ask:


PPLE is a small-scale, interdisciplinary Bachelor programme that connects four disciplines: Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. Interdisciplinary means that not one, but several (in this case four) disciplines make up the programme. Throughout the programme, PPLE connects these disciplines, and equips students with a broader understanding of the challenges that today's world possesses. As a result, you are able to formulate more innovative solutions. Such expertise is in high demand in tomorrow's job market and offers a lot of different opportunities: You can become a cyber security expert, a European policy maker or head of marketing at your favourite brand. Their flexible thinking and versatile skillset is exactly why PPLE is highly appreciated by future employers. Besides, thanks to the personal guidance and close community within the programme, students at PPLE will develop friendships for life. A worthwhile investment in every respect!