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Applied to PPLE College? And have you checked whether you are eligible to apply for a BMF scholarship? Wonderful. The below overview will help you prepare the documents you need to hand in your application form successfully.
Documents needed to complete your BMF application
  • 1. A personal statement

    This document is an essential part of your Bright Minds Fund application. The personal statement must, by definition, be written by you. It gives you the chance to elaborate on your circumstances.

    Take note, the application process for BMF is separate from PPLE’s admissions procedure. This means the BMF Selection Committee will only see and read this particular personal statement. They will not see or read your application for PPLE. Make sure, therefore, to include everything you would like to say to the Selection Committee in your personal statement. Your statement should be a truly different text than the one you handed in for your PPLE admission.

    By reading your personal statement, the BMF Selection Committee would very much like to find out: 

    • What are the financial circumstances of you and your family? 
    • How would this scholarship help you succeed in PPLE? 
    • Would you like the Committee to disregard your parent’s/guardian’s financial situation as they do not support you financially?
    • Are you a student with a migration background*, or are you a first-generation student?** You are very much encouraged to apply and to write about it in your statement.

    Besides answering the above-mentioned questions, your personal statement should:

    • be written by you
    • be a maximum of 500 words
    • be written in English
    • state your full name and UvAnetID
    • be handed in in digital format (e.g. a PDF)
    • have a maximum file size of 1 MB

    * Migration background refers to students born abroad or who have at least one parent born abroad. ** First-generation refers to students who are the first to attend a college or university in their family. 

  • 2. Eligibility for an additional grant from DUO

    To be eligible for a Bright Minds Fund scholarship, you need to receive or be eligible for an additional grant (“aanvullende beurs”) from DUO (the Dutch government agency in charge of study finance). In your BMF application, you need to submit proof of this eligibility.

    Proof of eligibility can be either; the official statement from DUO or, if you do not have that yet, the result of the calculation from the DUO website. In this calculation, you need to provide information about your family composition and an estimate of your parents' combined income. If you are awarded a BMF scholarship, you will have to provide a copy of the official statement from DUO.

    Before handing in your proof of eligibility, make sure that:

    • you have a digital version of the proof, ready to upload
    • the document has a maximum file size 1 MB
    • every page of the document clearly states your name (this is for internal verification purposes only: your name will not be shared with the Selection Committee)