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Study Association: AIM

Introducing AIM

PPLE’s very own study association, AIM (Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Multicultural), is a young initiative by enthusiastic students in collaboration with PPLE. It tries to bring the university closer to PPLE students and vice versa, by for instance providing practical help such as discounts on study books and communication channels with the PPLE Dean and colleagues.

Furthermore, AIM organises varying events for students, whether academically oriented, culturally enlightening, travel valuing, sports related, or social. AIM provides opportunities to get to know fellow students and staff from the start of one’s study career through to the end. Moreover, AIM wants to allow anyone to organise whatever might spark one’s interest and give him or her room to grow outside of their academic career.

AIM skating trip


AIM, apart from being really enjoyable, is also very busy. This can be seen in the wide range of successful events that have been organised in its short existence.

Become a member and join a committee!

To enjoy all of these amazing experiences, all PPLE students are more than welcome to become a member of the study association. Every AIM member can also apply for an AIM Committee or for the AIM Board to become one of the creative minds behind the AIM events! The Board facilitates the organisation of all AIM events and oversees the committees. The committees themselves are all dedicated to the organisation of specific types of events (e.g. AIM Travel arranges trips, AIM Academic organises academic seminars). Joining an AIM Committee or the Board provides students with hands-on organisational experience, a valuable resumé addition and a great opportunity to work together with fellow students that share their interests. 

Effectively, every student can become an AIM member and enjoy these experiences, but also join AIM – as a Club member, Committee member or as an AIM Board member. Moreover, PPLE and AIM want to give students every opportunity to develop themselves by starting their very own groups or organise original events in combination with for instance staff or guest speakers – the options are endless.


Future aspirations

AIM hopes to continue growing, which they can with the help of innovative, interested and ambitious students. It is a process of give and take – arranging events takes time, but is mostly very rewarding. Together we can strengthen our unique PPLE community and learn new skills, gain new experiences and get to know new people. If you have any remaining questions, suggestions or proposals for a possible cooperation, feel free to contact AIM in person or through email.