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Copyright: Tomer Porat
What makes PPLE special, to me, are the people—the students and staff—that bring the letters to life. Their energy fuels my passion and keeps me coming back. Tomer Porat - Tutor and Major Mentor Read Tomer's story here
Magic happens when theories and academic literature “click(s)” with students – and they develop their own ideas to critically build on current affairs and existing theories. Lizan Nijkrake - Lecturer and tutor Read Lizan's story here
Copyright: PPLE
For our students to truly make a mark, they should appreciate the rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds and experiences, preparing them to tackle life’s challenges, navigate social situations and initiate positive change in the world. Jennifer Reinhard - Tutor Read Jennifer's story here
Copyright: PPLE
What I really like about PPLE is the sense of community that we have here. This atmosphere of direct and open exchange is something I value a lot. Johannes von Engelhardt - Lecturer and tutor Read Johannes' story here
In my own classes, I aim to include the ‘whole student’, which means paying attention not only to what my students think and write about but also how they feel, and how they experience the learning. Lela Mosemghvdlishvili - Lecturer and tutor Read Lela's story here
Copyright: onbekend
What I find very attractive about PPLE is its interdisciplinarity, focussing on some of the main challenges facing society today, including solidarity, security, human rights and sustainability. Marc de Wilde - Lecturer Read Marc's story here
I believe this interdisciplinary mindset helps students think more comprehensively, critically, and independently, which are very important qualities for their future studies and career. Bei Shi - Lecturer Read Bei's story here