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Heads of Studies

Results: 1 - 4 of 4
Results: 1 - 4 of 4
  • Dirk Veestraeten
    Head of Studies for Economics: Dr Dirk Veestraeten

    Dirk Veestraeten coordinates the Economics major.

  • Irena Rosenthal
    Head of Studies for Law: Dr Irena Rosenthal

    Irena Rosenthal coordinates the Law major within the PPLE programme and teaches the Integrative seminar on Human Rights. 'There is something contagious about seeing students present, challenge and apply difficult theories and concepts. I always learn something new.'

  • Theresa Kuhn
    Head of Studies for Politics: Dr Theresa Kuhn

    Dr Theresa Kuhn coordinates the Politics major. ‘I see a little bit of myself in the student population – international and interdisciplinary, diverse and open to many subjects and disciplines.’

  • Suzanne Oosterwijk
    Head of Studies for Psychology: Dr Suzanne Oosterwijk

    Suzanne Oosterwijk teaches two courses in the PPLE programme: Doing Research I and Emotions. 'I will undoubtedly bring some of my own research into the classes, and I look forward to interact with the students about questions that are not only relevant to them, but also to my own research.’